Trefinos History in Cork

Trefinos has been producing technical corks longer than any other cork manufacturer in the world.  The company Trefinos was officially established in 1917 when Joan Miquel I Avelli combined two cork companies, Manufacturas del Corcho SA and Barris y Cia.  This merger combined over 160 years of experience.

For almost 100 years Trefinos continued to grow, innovate and produce sparkling wine stoppers while building a reputation of quality, innovation, commitment and sustainability. 

In 2009, Trefinos continued to innovate by bringing their 200 plus years of expertise manufacturing Sparkling Wine stoppers (the first technical corks) by launching CWINE stoppers for still wine.  CWINE has seen tremendous growth by implementing advanced R&D technologies to insure wineries receive a completely clean and neutral cork without renouncing the intrinsic properties of cork.

The name Trefinos comes from the companies long history of producing sparkling wine stoppers called "Tres Fins" in French, meaning very elegant in English.  Over time this developed into the name today, Trefinos.