CWINE CORK - Supercritical CO2

Trefinos utilizes Supercritical CO2 via it's THOR technology to eradicate TCA below the quantifiable/measurable level of .3ng/l.  Not only does Supercritical CO2 remove TCA to the lowest levels in the industry but it also removes over 150 other aromatic compounds that can have a negative effect on a wine. 

Supercritical CO2 is a tried and trued technology developed in the 1970's that is used in numerous industries including: coffee, essential oils, bio diesel, dry cleaning, and herbal distillates.

By controlling the precise temperature and pressure of Carbon Dioxide a Supercritical state is reached.  In this state, Carbon Dioxide takes on the penetrating properties of a gas and draining qualities of a liquid.  When pumped through raw cork granules, the Carbon Dioxide acts as a vehicle to extract organic and volatile compounds found within the cork structure, resulting in a truly neutral product.